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January Palate Tune Up Session 1: Floral/ Herbal Aromas

January 14, 2017 @ 4:00 PM

Session 1: Saturday January 14th, 4-6pm: Floral/Herbal Notes

 $25 per seat

Dried wild flowers? Lavender? Freshly cut grass? Mint? We see tasting notes in the floral/ herbal spectrum all the time, but how closely do we pay attention to these flavors & aromas in our day-to-day wine experiences? In this class we will become familiar with major varietals associated with floral & herbal aromatics, their genetic relationships, and their common expressions in different places of origin. We will explore how certain molecules and compounds transmit these flavors in wine and how they are expressed in other mediums- such as flowers, grasses and aromatic herbs. The class will involve a mixture of lecture, flower & herb presentation, and finally a 6-course wine tasting to demonstrate the principles in question.


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