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WINE OF THE DAY 12/7/15 Scarpetta Barbera del Monferrato $19.99

December 7, 2015

Scarpetta Barbera Monferrato – This is collaboration between master sommelier Bobby Stuckey and his chef, Lachlan Patterson from Frasca in Boulder, Colorado. Much of what they make in Italy complements their Friulan based cooking, hence wines from Friuli. But this red from Piedmont, which they make with Fabrizio Iuli, takes the Barbera grape in another direction. What strikes me about this wine is how different it is from both the d’Asti and the d’Alba versions. The fruit is concentrated, almost a blueberry character. The wine is puckier and I mean that is an attribute, not a fault. If I were to put it on a light spectrum, this wine would register in the infrared sector. Not tannic, but definitely this wine compels one to find food, fast. A clever thing for the restaurant boys, as they will sell a lot of wine and food at the same time. But that aside, it has this uncomplicated structure to it, like a pair of really well made jeans that are well worn. Comfortable, but not compromising.

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