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Colonial Wine Think Tank

At Colonial Wine and Beverage our main goal is to give our customers the wine they want at the best price possible. But have you ever wondered how some wines get placed on the shelves to sell?

It's a revolutionary concept implemented by Bob Eppich called the "Colonial Focus Group" which is what you are seeing right now. The group consists of 10-12 people with varying wine pallets who meet once a month to review a veritable cornucopia of wines.

The tasting is done in a blind format and the wines are at varying price points. After tasting, each wine is scored by each panelist on the 100 point scaling system….then each wine is revelaed and the suggested retail price is given. The panel then gives their thoughts about each wine's QPR or Quality Price Ratio.

Armed with the collected information from the group, Bob can go back to his distributors and negotiate the best possible prices for the wines that will actually make it to the shelves. And the wines that didn't test well might not even see the light of day at Colonial.

Colonial Wine & Beverage is the only wine retailer in NE Ohio that we know of who has a focus group, made up of his own customers, dedicated to tasting new wines on a regular basis…and don't think for a second that any of those big grocery stores chains are doing anything like this either…they aren't!

This is how we pick the wines that make it into the store

August 2007 Think Tank

July 2007 Think Tank

June 2007 Think Tank

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