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Pichot Domaine Le Peu de la Moriette Vouvray

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ean-Claude Pichot’s family is one of the oldest in Vouvray, with origins as viticulturists and restaurateurs dating back to 1739. The family cellars are located in the charming village of Vouvray, in caverns hewn from the rolling hills which were once quarried to provide stone to construct the grand châteaux of the Loire. In fact, the Pichot home is itself part house and part cavern, with a dramatic hearth carved from the rock. Jean-Claude was one of six sons, but the only one to continue the family tradition of vigneron.

Domaine ‘le Peu de la Moriette’ was built from three main vineyards by Jean-Claude and his son, Christophe. The name is explained by Monsieur Pichot to originate from the old French, ‘Puits du petit Maure’, or ‘Well of the little door’, dating back to antiquity when the Moors had settled in this region of France. ‘Coteau de la Biche’ is the Vouvray domaine founded by Pichot’s maternal great grandfather and now run by Christophe Pichot. The legend is that a doe once took refuge in the cellars of this domaine, hence the name.

Domaine le Peu de la Moriette has expanded over the years from thirty to nearly fifty-two acres of hillside vineyard, cultivated without chemical pesticides. Planted entirely with Chenin Blanc, the vines vary in age from twenty to fifty-five years.

Price: $17.99

Color: Red
Country: France
Vintage: 2014
Bottle Size: 750ml
Category: Chenin Blanc
Region: Loire Valley
Price: Over $10
Flavor Profile: Hefty White, With Sugar
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